As you are well aware the festive season is nearly upon us once again. To avoid any problems with your material requirements for the period, I would be obliged if you could;


Ascertain your requirements for the period covering 25th December and 3rd January. This should cover stationery, medical supplies, general supplies and food supplies from Bidvest.


If you currently order your supplies via Pecos remote ordering, you should process your requirements by Wednesday 7th December.


If you order using a paper indent, can all indents be with Procurement by Wednesday 7th December.


Areas serviced by Ward Product Management teams (WPM), there is no requirement for you to place any additional orders as the WPM team will arrange this.


It is Procurements intention to have all orders with the appropriate supplier by the end of Friday 9th December.


The Stores intention is to have all deliveries made to the end user by Friday 16th



All indents received after the 9th December will still be processed. These orders may not be received by the suppliers in sufficient time to have the required goods, delivered before 24th December. The Stores will make every effort to have all received supplies delivered before 24th December. Processing of indents will continue over the festive season.


Manufacturers, suppliers and haulage contractors will normally operate reduced services over the festive season but there are some who close down completely.  Bidvest who supply ward food boxes is one of these companies who close for the festive season.


Any queries regarding the above should be directed to either of the named persons below.


Thanking you in anticipation of your cooperation with the above request.




Denis Seenan                                                                    Gary Kean

Operations Manager                                                         Stores & Logistics Manager

Ext   21987                                                           Ext 20769


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