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    Ruth Bird

    yes as this is the first time using

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    McBrearty, Ellen

    Hi Ruth,

    I need to order a kitchen larder fridge if you could advise .small freezer only.

    I also need a breast milk storage fridge does this need a lockable door what is in use in the neonatal units .

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    I'm looking for a bit of advise can we still order Staff Record Cards? If we cannot what has been replaced in place of these?

    Thank you

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    Dear Team,

    I am unable to find ordering codes for the following;

    large paper bags, not small counter paper bags

    injection trays,( non sterile )

    Mental health community prescription kardex.


    Many Thanks.

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    we collected the face visors which were replacements for the Tiger brand that were withdrawn this week.  The new masks do not have have any item number, codes or identifying numbers, but have a blue label and a white headband.  Are these Once only use or can they be used multiple times and sanitised?


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